Tell us how you first got into street art?

I’ve been doing street art for over a decade, but my artistic capabilities really emerged during childhood. Growing up about an hour outside of NYC, I was heavily influenced by the street art culture and immersed myself in the scene at a young age admiring both legendary and current artists from across the world. The motive that inspired me to take up the art form was the freedom of expression that street art represented.

What’s been your favourite place to paint?

Australia. The scene down under is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. So much talent crammed into one country left me very humbled to have been able to leave my work amongst some of street arts best.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in your work?

My largest source of inspiration points directly to my graffiti roots. Each and every piece that I create emphasizes paint splashes, splatters, and drips, which I attribute to the raw nature of the art form. As a child, I learned about Jackson Pollock, and how he developed a free-flowing abstract nature of unpredictability in the art. His work is very much reflected in the style that I practice today.

What city do you live in now? Has this affected your style?

Born and raised in the suburbs of Connecticut, I still reside here today. My style developed from the Connecticut graffiti scene that I was raised on, and you will still see those roots show through in my work today.

What attracted you to Waterford Walls, and what are you most looking forward to?

I’ve always been known to embrace opportunities that bring the arts and communities together. Waterford Walls does just that. When I received the invite to participate in the 2017 exhibition, there was never a pause in commitment.  I am most looking forward to visiting the city, embracing the culture and way of life, and leaving a piece that the community of Waterford will be proud of.

How would you rate Waterford Walls in terms of artistic quality standard?

I’ve followed the immense talent that Waterford Walls has exhibited in its city. Some of the best street artists in the world have left their mark in Waterford and it says a lot for newcomers like me. The bar has been set high which should always be the standard for public art. This standard teaches artists to always push their limits.

The theme of Waterford Walls 2017 is “Renewal & Regeneration”. What do you see as being street arts role in this?

Street Art is arguably the most visible form of public art. It’s not hidden away in a gallery or on view for a limited time. Street art is statement making, it is attention grabbing and best of all, it is permanent. Adding color to the streets makes our communities feel welcome, safe, and proud. This year, the streets of Waterford will renew and regenerate with works of art by some of the most dedicated and passionate artists from across the world all whom which are willing to persevere for the common goal of globally uniting our planet through the arts.

Do you have any projects, trips or shows coming up that we can look out for?

Be on the lookout for my 2017 North American ARCY Live! live event mural tour.

Any shoutouts, thanks, links or comments?

I include a hidden Mickey Mouse head in every piece that I create for my two young sons back home to find. It started out as a way of keeping my family close to me during my travels, and has become a staple to my brand, with many of my followers immediately searching upon each mural release, so keep on the lookout!

As always, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and support of my crews, High Impact and From Up Above.

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