What is Waterford Walls? How would you describe it?

A celebration of international and local art and culture in the wonderful settings of Waterford. Regenerating disused spaces and ugly walls and transforming the city into the most interactive art gallery you could find.

How did you hear about the Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival?

I’ve known about it since it’s creation but I know a lot of people have found out about WW through word of mouth or the internet. I find that people across the country always mention Waterford Walls if I was to tell them I’m from Waterford Walls.

Why did you apply to the festival?

I’ve completed a wall every year to date, so I’ve applied ve times in total. I’m passionate about Waterford as I’m from here and I love the idea of local people being exposed to such talent as the artists who come every year.

Which Festival(s) have you attended?


How has Waterford Walls inspired or grown your art practice?

I’ve definitely taken advice from other artists I’ve met through the years and have been inspired by their commitment and graft.

How has Waterford Walls contributed to your art practice and your experience as a street artist?

I’ve learnt tips and tricks from other artists along the way but nothing compares to trial and error and doing the work itself. Every year is a learning curve and so useful to my practice. It also gives the artist food for thought about what the average Joe wants to see and will appreciate.

What was positive about the event for you?

I love the interaction between the public and the artist, as much as I enjoy meeting the other talents myself.

Any aspects that were a negative experience for you?

Apart from the weather, I don’t think so!

What could we do to improve, any other suggestions?

Gabe is a fantastic communicator in particular and has always kept me up to date, so no not really.

If you had to describe Waterford Walls with one word, which one would you use?