Murals for Communities is the Creative Europe initiative, co-funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, where The Walls Project partners with Waterford City and County Council, the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and the Stichting Street Art Foundation, in the Netherlands for a two-year programme – 2018/2020.

Murals for Communities seeks to explore, capture and formalise the potentials of Mural arts as a tool for Community Engagement by creating Mural artworks through community involvement and co-creation between community members and Mural artists. Moreover, the project seeks to transnationally expand the possibilities of Mural artists and seek to strengthen their position and capacity within the European cultural scene.

The first edition of Murals for Communities took place in Waterford, in August 2019. Artists Timotiejus Norvila (Lithuania), Yasja Ligtelijn (the Netherlands) and Magdalene Karol (Ireland), together with local community groups – Polish, Sudanese, Syrian and Residents – held inspirational workshops where the groundwork for the realisation of the 3 murals was started.

The 3 artists then travelled to the Netherlands and to Lithuania where they worked with other community groups and paint other 3 murals per city.

The final leg of the project will take place in 2020, stay tuned for dates and details on the selected artists on

Artworks from left to right: Artist Yasja Ligtelijn who worked with the Syrian and Residents group, Artist Timotiejus Norvila who worked with the Sudanese group and Artist Magdalene Karol who worked with the Polish group.