Meet the Artists


Since its inception in 2015, Waterford Walls has welcomed over 200 artists to paint in Waterford City. In 2020, our sixth year, you can expect to see even more amazing artworks created by artists from Ireland and abroad! Check out our 2020 line up below for a flavour of what will be created throughout July and August.


Andres Von Chrzanowski aka Case MaClaim is one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe has seen so far. CASE MaClaim was born in 1979 and grew up in East Germany.

Case is one of the founders of the East German crew Ma’Claim which is probably one of the most renowned urban art crews in the world.

Kindly Sponsored by Goethe Institut Irland and co-funded through Waterford Walls Wall Owner Scheme.


Aches is a graffiti writer from Dublin, Ireland. His work focuses heavily on hand styles and he draws his influence from the digital age. His use of subtractive and additive colour theory can be seen in his letter pieces, murals and on canvas, bringing a cohesive flow between his outdoor and studio work.

Maser truly embodies the centric spirit of contemporary visual art in Ireland today. Having created artwork since 1995, over the last 24 years, Maser has earned much respect professionally and has generated a large and dedicated following in Ireland and abroad – through his seamlessly imaginative and unique graphic style.

This fantastic Irish duo will create an original collaborative piece for Waterford Walls 2020.

Kindly sponsored by Iarnród Éireann – Irish Rail and co-funded by Waterford Cultural Quarter.


A collective of Spanish artists from different disciplines – Graphic Design and Fine Arts. Their freestyle shows a set of pictorial and graphic skills that define the visual identity of this emerging artistic duo. They usually play with different elements which are taken from their habitual contexts or visual rhythms between painting and illustration. Their primary motivation is to enrich public space with creativity through realising interventions on large scale buildings.

Kindly sponsored by Engineers Without Borders Ireland and co-funded by The Book Centre in Waterford.


SIGNS OF POWER is painter Vanessa Power. With her love for clean, well-executed type, Vanessa aims to apply this to all her work. Her bold and vibrant style acts as a bridge between the traditional craft of sign painting and the vibrant aesthetics of pop art.

We are also honoured to have had Vanessa create the Waterford Walls 2019 festival artwork!

Co-funded by Ardkeen Quality Food Stores.


An observer of the living world, Russ is interested in the evolution of matter and state through time. His illustrations and paintings, of dreamlike substance, combine figurative elements and more abstract forms. Between cosmic presence and organic dimension, his work opens a free interpretation of the imagination.

Russ will be returning for its second year to Waterford.

Kindly sponsored by Ambassade de France en Irlande and co-funded by Kirwans Pharmacy in Kilmacthomas.


Born in 1984, Beerens lives and works in the region of Paris. His work combines his two passions: graffiti and the underwater world. His passion for the underwater world gives him a special sensitivity for nature and the animal world that become his favourite themes. They are the starting point of his series Modern Fables, where the artist addresses current issues around pollution, destruction of the environment, animals in captivity, intensive farming. His work takes a colour particularly committed to the animal cause and ecology. In 2015 he painted a piece on the ground, representing a school of fish whirling in a luminous well, a real bubble of oxygen in the heart of the city. This was the starting point of a new project: Deeplight.

This project is inspired by the fascinating natural cavities the artist encounters during his underwater dives or speleology. Michael Beerens goes further in his technical painting to magnify the interaction between the light and pattern.

With the poetic visions of Deep Light, Michael Beerens tries to erase the daily gloom of concrete and reveals moments of grace, unique to Nature.

Kindly sponsored by Ambassade de France en Irlande and co-funded by Fitzgerald Power, Chartered Accountants through Waterford Walls Wall Owner Scheme.


Born in 1991, NEAN lives and works in Brussels.

NEAN’s most personal artworks are about the issues of time, about the little appointments with the novel of life. NEAN expresses the art of memories through chromatic aberration and double expositions. Virtual touches like the expressions of scars that are being revealed, the acknowledgement of that what resists against the blur, the inevitable aspect of our lives. The wall as support matches perfectly with this comparison with time, with its growing older and his decay, never to be forgotten; or the merger of the interventions that, even in layers, are conserving the tracks of their presence.

Kindly sponsored by Embassy of Belgium in Ireland and co-funded by Hillbilly’s Family Restaurants.


Shane O’Driscoll is an Irish visual artist that practices mainly in screen printing and mural art.

He has exhibited his work internationally and throughout Ireland. Shane has displayed work in The National Print Museum of Ireland, The Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Connecticut and The Irish Arts Centre, New York.

Funded by Arts Council of Ireland – COVID-19 response Award.


Curtis is a UK based artist who merges wildlife with botanical elements to often portray and highlight the damage we are causing to our wildlife, their habitats and this beautiful planet.

Co-funded by City Square Waterford through Waterford Walls Wall Owner Scheme.


Dima Kashtalyan is a visionary graffiti artist and illustrator from Belarus. Dima uses original detailed technique and he would call his style dotwork, pointillism, stippling.

Co-funded through Waterford Walls Wall Owner Scheme.


Magda Karol is a Polish Street Artist and illustrator, Waterford based. Magda considers people her major inspiration. In her work she incorporates human emotions into her language, illustrating them metaphorically.

Co-funded by Waterford Distillery.


Garreth Joyce is a graphic and mural Artist based in Dublin. Garreth utilises his background in design, illustration and photography to create his work. Using metaphor and symbol in a collaged style, unrelated images are juxtaposed with one another to create new meaning and unexpected results.

Funded by Arts Council of Ireland – COVID-19 response Award.